Our History:


The Scarborough development story began in 1946 when Robert K. Scarborough constructed his first house in Collingswood, NJ, a home in which he lived in until his passing in April 2011.  Having flown B-17 bomber aircraft in WWII, Bob returned home with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to build houses to meet the huge post war demand.  His first business took the form of home additions and small single family houses in the vicinity of Collingswood and Haddonfield, NJ.  Bob garnered a following and a reputation for building houses of exceptional quality


with tradional colonial features; he regularly travelled to New England for architectural inspiration.  By the early 1950’s, business was brisk and Bob started Scarborough Corporation which was developing more than 28 homes per year.  Larger planned developments and subdivisions came soon thereafter such as Barclay Farm, Tenby Chase and Wexford Leas. To control costs and to insure quality Bob began to integrate vertically the different trades involved in the construction process.  For example, Quill Corporation was begun to provide timely, competent utility and pipe construction in support of the overall business.  Quill became one of the largest pipe contractors in New Jersey.  It was at this time in the early 1960’s that Bob’s son, Randy, graduated from The Wharton School at Penn and became active in the business working in the field and eventually assuming a role of manager of operations.  Randy became president of the Corporation in 1971.

In addition to single family home development Scarborough Corporation developed several apartment communities and expanded geographically with developments in Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.

By the early 1970’s, Scarborough Corporation had become one of New Jersey’s largest homebuilders developing 10,000 single family homes and apartments. In 1974 a major wood and lumber supplier from Washington state, Weyerhauser Company, approached Bob and Randy concerning a sale of the business.  A sale of Scarborough Corporation was consummated in 1974; the deal marked one of the first sales to a public company of a privately held home building company.  Bob’s other son, Kevin, started his own home building business in the late 1970’s.  Kevin developed and built multiple subdivisions ultimately selling the his company to Ruttland Homes of Minnesota in 2000.

It was after the sale of the Corporation that Randy began commercial development in the form of office buildings, condominiums and shopping centers including Barclay Center and English Creek Center.  Bob went on to develop office complexes including The Paint Works Corporate Center in Gibbsboro, NJ.   A nineteen building office building portfolio was sold to Brandywine Realty Trust in 1998 and again the family set off into commercial development focusing on NNN credit lease properties and grocery-anchored shopping centers.  This element of their development business has been complimented by their Corporate Project Development services.

Scarborough Properties CPD services provide corporate clients with solutions to campus and facility development from concept review all the way to delivery and occupancy. The service offers bridge financing and risk management for corporate clients under a performance based fee structure.

Today, Scarborough is helmed by Randy’s three sons, Sean, Todd and Chris. They remain very active in commercial and residential development throughout New Jersey. 

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