Our "Single-Source" Model:

Scarborough Properties has developed a real estate management solution for institutional and corporate clients who must own their real estate but desire to mitigate their development risk.

The process is what we call the Single Source Model.

Master Plan Design - Enhancing the experience of visitors and employees. "Answering the question of how we go from where we are to where we want to be"

Architecture – Procuring and managing the services of the worlds finest architects. "The right tool for the job"

Engineering – Innovative solutions to building systems and environmental awareness.


Land Entitlement – Managing Legal, Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Landscape Design and Planning. "Controlling the professional team for the good of the project"

Construction – efficiently executing the design documents under absolute cost limits and schedule.

Sole Responsibility – The entire design, land entitlement and construction process is handled by Scarborough Properties under a guaranteed maximum price contract. "The owners perspective"

Transparency – The process is "open book" and allows the client to be involved with all meaningful decisions without the burden of organizing the process.

Efficiency – Major campus or building expansions are disruptive to everyday business demands. The Single Source Model maintains operational efficiency of the organization while at the same time involving the key stakeholders in the design process. "A meaningful project may take 3 to 5 years to execute, it mustent stop the efficiency of the core business model"

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